A Piece of the Ground, A Piece of the Sky

Canfor Gallery – July 30th to October 11th, 2015

Scott Bertram

As if solving a formula, painter Scott Bertram has been setting creative challenges for himself for a number of years which he then works to resolve. His recent artwork has borrowed from Gothic traditions of painting that tend to be hard-edged and lack perspective and accurate proportions. Bertram sources random amorphous elements from these historic paintings that he brings to his own work as ready, formal elements that he then uses compositionally, to create depth and dynmaic play within his paintings. Working through this process over the last few years he has set and reset parameters that restrict him in his choices, variously establishing frameworks and dismantling them. Bertram’s abstract paintings blend painterly exuberance with measured control that evolve from series to series revealing glimpses of the aritst’s process and a body of work that is compelling and playful.

Featured artwork: Scott Bertram, GPB no 3, 2012. Acrylic on canvas.

July 30 — October 11
7:30 pm (1749h 30′)

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