ABC Animal Dreams

Galleria – February 16th to March 24th, 2024

Elizabeth Eakin

Opening Reception: February 15th at 7:30pm, 2024

Elizabeth Eakin is a watercolour artist local to Prince George. During her twenty years of teaching French Immersion to kindergarteners, Eakin unlocked a passion for curiosity and whimsy. In the company of childrens’ ever-active imaginations and their hunger to learn, Eakin has spent her retirement delving into engaging imagery and poetry for young minds.

These paintings were used to illustrate a children’s book written by Eakin titled A BC Island Animal Dream. Unbound and gathered here as a series of watercolour on paper paintings titled ABC Animal Dreams, these artworks portray a diverse cast of critters with foods that match the letter of their species and name. In Eakin’s book these images are accompanied with haiku poetry and mention of British Columbia’s islands to further illustrate the letters of the alphabet that are represented.

Mixing both fact and imagination, we can enter the world of these illustrations, recognize familiar place names and and ask ourselves… do dragons really eat dates?

Featured artwork: Elizabeth Eakin. Ee: Emu (detail), 2023. Watercolour on paper.

February 16 — March 24
10:00 am (895h)

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