All Things New: An exhibition of work by members of the Artists’ Co-Op

Rustad Galleria – May 17th to July 22nd, 2018

Sharron Antonenko, Donelda Barata, Vicki J. Blokland, Evy Fisher, Maureen Fotos, Elaine Francis, June Mackay, Shirley McDermind, Sharon Nicholas, Sharon Paul, Sharon Priseman, Simonne Young

The Artists’ Co-Op is a not-for-profit society that serves artists ranging form emerging to established. Its mission is to provide opportunities for artists to meet, learn and teach each other, all within an environment that is supportive and inclusive. Featuring work by twelve members of the Artist’s Co-Op, All Things New brings together a selection of paintings that are inspired by nature, and honour the beauty inherent in the natural world. Be it a newly sprung mushroom, a fast flowing river, or a mighty grizzly bear defending its territory, these paintings represent the return of new life and vitality after a long winter.

Featured artwork: Sharon Priseman. Pussy Willows, 2018. Acrylic on canvas.

May 17 — July 22
7:30 pm (1581h 30′)

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