Among the Trees

Rustad Galleria – July 26th to September 9th, 2018

Randall Heppner

Randall Heppner is a visual artist in Prince George, BC who has been making artwork since the early 1980’s. Having been employed in the logging industry for many years, Heppner spent a great amount of time in the wilderness. During this time the forest that surrounded him served as a source of inspiration for drawings and paintings. Today, working primarily in watercolour, the artist combines first hand memory and imagination in his depiction of wilderness spaces. This exhibition brings together a selection of Heppner’s early work, alongside more recent paintings, all of which celebrate the natural world.

Featured artwork: Randall Heppner, Autumn Joy, 2015. Watercolour on board.

July 26 — September 9
7:30 pm (1077h 30′)

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