AND…An exhibition of work by British Columbia based artists

Canfor Gallery – January 19th to April 2nd, 2017

Aileen Bahmanipour, Susan Barton-Tait, Megan Dulcie Dill, Emily Dundas Oke, Annerose Georgeson, Afuwa, Denise Holland, Monique Hurteau, Cimarron Knight, Mary Mottishaw, Lenard Paquette, Helena Wadsley, Setareh Yasan, Clare Yow

“AND…” marks the 150th Anniversary of Confederation of Canada, a solidifying moment in the history of this country. It is the conjunction of experience and a tale to which there is always another side. This exhibition serves to acknowledge familiar stories, and to welcome unfamiliar perspectives on a past more prosperous for others than it was for many. Featuring work by artists from across BC, this exhibition aspires to examine the accomplishments and the failures of the last 150 years and take stock of the present so that we might honour the foundations on which confederation was built by forging a stronger tomorrow.

Featured artwork: Aileen Bahmanipour, Tracing my immigration map (Map No. 02), 2016. Graphite on paper.

January 19 — April 2
7:30 pm (1749h 30′)

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