Any Way the Wind Blows: A selection of work by members of the Artists’ Workshop

Rustad Galleria – December 7th, 2017 to January 21st, 2018

Wendy Barteluk, Lynn Box, Joy Cotter, Laura Chandler, Mary Anne Comadina, Elizabeth Eakin, Cheri McKenzie, Sylvia Swennumson, Gladys Thorp, Kristen Vignal, Angie Wiebe

The Artists’ Workshop is a non-profit organization established in the early 1950’s. Their mission is to encourage visual art through promoting exploration of various mediums at group workshops and showcasing members’ artwork at community events. Any Way the Wind Blows brings together work by but a small fraction of Artists’ Workshop members.

This exhibition embodies the spirit of experimentation and creative expression. Paintings, drawings, mixed media, and block print work decorate the Galleria walls. In addition, a variety of subjects are represented including trees on Cottonwood Island, a blazing forest fire, wheat blown by the wind, and a serene sunset on Summit Lake. The work here stems from both personal experiences and a desire to record places, events and emotions though visual art.

Featured artwork: Elizabeth Eakin, Wind and Fire, 2017. Watercolour on paper.

December 7 — January 21
7:30 pm (1077h 30′)

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