Art with Maureen: Lost & Found

February 5, 6, 7, & 8 | 1:30-4pm | 4 sessions

Everyone experiences loss and it can be challenging to navigate ourselves in its wake. This class will explore how we can find ourselves back to a place of equilibrium and motivate positive changes. Art can facilitate this process. This short and intense workshop is ideal for any one who is ready to dive into the creative energy within. We will talk, read, write, draw, and make things.

Maureen, the facilitator believes that ART SAVES LIVES and that ART MAKES A VISIBLE DIFFERENCE. This is not an art therapy class.

In terms of this class, examining loss and finding oneself through art, Village with Blue Flower, by Croatian artist, Ivan Lackovic Croatia, (1932-2004) captures the sense of loss around politics and community. The found part is demonstrated by the strength of nature as seen in the enormous blue flower.

This is a taste of what we will examine in this four afternoons workshop, where we discuss loss on many levels and the ways we find our way to safety, personal strength and creativity.

Fee: $120

February 5
1:30 pm (2h 30′)

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