Covering Ground

Rustad Galleria – November 2nd to November 26th, 2017

Catherine Ruddell

Catherine Ruddell is a visual artist based in Prince George. She defines herself as a textile artist, surface and pattern designer, as well as a modern quilter. Ruddell’s exhibition, Covering Ground, features surface illustrations and surface designs that are primarily concerned with exploring family history through her maternal grandmother. By combining remembered, shared, and secondhand knowledge, Ruddell has selected Indian paintbrush, wild lupine, foraged berries and cultivated wheat as symbols of her family’s history. Her repetition of these symbols in different forms and iterations represents a visual dialogue between herself and the past.

Featured artwork: Catherine Ruddell, To Imagine, 2017. Acrylic, block print, & embroidery on canvas.

November 2 — November 26
7:30 pm (573h 30′)

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