Canfor Gallery – February 12th to April 26th, 2015

Adad Hannah, Philippa Jones, Marianne Nicolson, Ann Smith and Jennifer Pighin

Elasped looks at the work of these five exciting artists whose work seems to bridge the past with the future. Each artist makes artwork  from a unique perspective embodying different philosophical approaches to their practice. Hannah’s video represents a contemporary reimagining of a past event in Prince George’s history in a way that crosses into theatre. Ann Smith’s remarkable Ravens Tail weaving reprises a once lost form of indigenous weaving, Marianne Nicolson draws comparisons with significant moments in her own Kwakwaka’wakw history and present day in a series of mixed media paintings. Jennifer Pighin contrasts the past and present day using the notion of flight. Finally Philippa Jones uses the form of an animated bird to imply events in a recent past, and offer the hope of new possibility.

Featured artwork: Marianne Nicolson. Tunics of the Changing Tide: Kwikwasutinuxw Histories (back), 2007. Acrylic, Brass, Copper, Abalone Shell and Silver on Wood

February 12 — April 26
7:30 pm (1749h 30′)

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