From the Outside In

Rustad Galleria – June 11th to July 12th, 2015

Erin Filan

Drawn to art outside of her career path Erin Filan is not your regular artist, but certainly a talented one. Working with all sorts of subjects, Filan works from the outside in when creating her drawings, an interesting and different approach. This exhibition will focus on portraits by Filan in particular and will also include what she calls “clusters” – collections of lips, eyes, ears, noses, eyebrows, and other small sections of a face that she practices over and over again to get the look just right.

While the title of this exhibition references Filan’s working method it also references something much more existential at work here. Her portraits are visceral, raw and full of emotional turmoil. These portraits allow for something only known on the inside, within a given person’s spirit, to be spoken in a way. Without words, the images leave open to interpretation what each individual Filan has represented is experiencing in his or her life.

Featured artwork: Erin Filan. Exist from Drowning Series. 2015. Graphite on paper.

June 11 — July 12
7:30 pm (44589h 30′)

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