Greening the Gallery

This collaborative installation between Two Rivers Gallery and The Makerie, called Greening the Gallery, will see the Gallery transformed into a whimsical greenhouse filled with paper foliage created by members of the community.

In preparation for this exhibition, Two Rivers Gallery and The Makerie have spent the last few months in classrooms throughout the district engaging in an art activity. Participants imagined their own fanciful plant species and brought it to life through paper, paint, and pipe cleaners. Students explored what they might look like if they were a plant and named their new species, keeping some of their creations for themselves and contributing one to Greening the Gallery. This installation captures how the diversity and individuality of the people of Prince George are precisely what make this community beautiful.

Visitors of BMO Community Art Days were also welcomed to join in on the fun during the event July 7&8.

July 7 — August 13
10:00 am (895h)

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