High Up Hut #3

Sculpture Court Exhibition – September 22th 2018 to Summer 2019

Benny Zenga

Benny Zenga’s High Up Huts emerged from a realization that upon waking in the morning he would immediately turn to his cellphone. As a remedy to this situation, Zenga began a ritual of getting out of bed and going for a walk. It was during these walks that he was inspired to build his first High Up Hut out of branches that had fallen from trees after a storm. Since then, Zenga’s life-size High Up Huts have emerged in places such as Vancouver and Belcarra, British Columbia. These whimsical structures inspire curiosity and speak to the importance of solitude and taking time away from the digital screens that saturate many of our day-to-day lives.

September 22 — August 31
7:30 pm (8230h)

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