I Miss Your Faces

Rustad Galleria – February 4th to March 14th, 2021

Audrey McKinnon

I Miss Your Faces, is an exhibition by visual artist Audrey McKinnon, whose expressive work embodies a graffiti aesthetic. Through large scale portraits of close friends and family crying ghost-shaped tears, McKinnon reflects on the human connection that many of us are missing due to social restrictions brought by COVID-19. These restrictions are difficult for many people to manage, and McKinnon’s work reflects this. Portraits depicted in vivid colour are not contained by the canvas, but spill onto the gallery walls. However, in spite of the tears, I Miss Your Faces is not about sadness. This exhibition is about the release of emotions, a process necessary in order to make room for playfulness and joy.

Featured Artwork: Audrey McKinnon, Mama, 2019. Acrylic on canvas.

February 4 — March 14
5:00 pm (912h)

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