In Twelves

Sculpture Court – September 26, 2019 – Spring 2020

Chris Deheus

Deheus is a visual artist based in the area of Hythe, AB, whose work was installed on the gallery’s Sculpture Court in September, 2019. Created from salvaged trees, In Twelves is a commentary on environmental re-generation; a process is not quick and sometimes difficult to perceive even over the course of a lifetime. Though this may discourage people from making environmentally conscious decisions, this conceptually driven work asks us to consider how time and meaningful progress far exceeds the reach of a human lifetime, and of the need to make the effort nonetheless.

In Twelves is based of the large earthworks that Deheus creates on his family’s farm in an effort to rehabilitate wooded areas that have been over grazed by livestock. Taking the form of a barrier, these structures create a protective interior for flora to recover. Once this exhibition concludes the trees used to create In Twelves will be returned to the forest where they can continue their cycle of decomposition and subsequent regeneration.

September 26 — April 30
10:00 am (5215h)

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