Into the Woods

Canfor Gallery – July 21st to October 8th, 2017

Tamy Salzl

Based in Montreal, Salzl is a painter working in oil and canvas and in smaller scale on paper. Salzl draws form her own experience as a mother of a trans-gendered child and in doing so connects to fundamental ideas of self and identity. Her work focuses around the representations of curious characters often placed in improbable locations, for example, a chaise lounge in the middle of a forest. They are often rendered din lurid colour schemes, at times seeming hurt or vulnerable, at other times oddly sage, comfortable and at peace in a wold where seven-legged lambs and other creates populate her painting’s Rich in allegory, Salzl’s work examines gender and identity by honouring the individual and the sense of self.

Featured artwork: Tammy Salzl. The Chorus, 2011

July 21 — October 8
7:30 pm (1896h 40′)

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