iskocîsa (little fires)

Canfor Gallery – October 23nd – January 3rd, 2021

Amanda Strong

Amanda Strong is a Michif interdisciplinary artist whose practice is focused on filmmaking, stop motion animation and moving image art. She is the Owner, Director and Producer of Spotted Fawn Productions Inc., under which she uses a multi-layered approach and unconventional methods that are centered in collaboration. With a cross-discipline focus, common themes of her work are reclamation of Indigenous histories, lineage, language and culture. This exhibition will place emphasis on the artistic process associated with stop-motion animation. By exhibiting a series of Strong’s films, along with sets, props and puppets used within her projects, visitors will feel like they are within the studio where they come to life – frame by frame.

Click here for digital self guided tour.

Featured Artwork: Amanda Strong. Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes), 2017. Stop motion animation.

October 23 — January 3
7:30 pm (1725h 30′)

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