Looking for my Land

Canfor Gallery – May 7th to July 19th, 2015

Jeff Molloy

From Gabriola Island, Jeff Molloy’s work pulls together an interest in ritual and Canadian history using found objects, encaustic and cheesecloth: part sculpture, part painting, part assemblage. Adopted at six days old, Molloy is an orphan of unknown ancestry. Perhaps as a consequence he feels able to tackle a broad range of historic and cultural references from John A. MacDonald, Louis Riel and numerous other cultural icons, through other aspects of our pioneering history, to reflections on present day. This exhibition draws upon recent work that reflects the contradictory, contested and gloriously unsteady notion of Canadian identity.

Featured artwork: Jeff Molloy, Two Minutes. 2010. Mixed media assemblage. Shown open and closed.

December 5 — July 19
7:30 pm (30′)

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