Made It. MakerLab 2RG

Rustad Galleria – May 7th to June 7th, 2015

Various Artists

For the month of May MakerLab 2RG is taking over the Rustad Galleria. Come look and play with different things that our MakerLab communitiy has been making. Artists include Ryley Simpson, Karli Simon, Carolyn Howarth, Ken Turner, our Aboriginal Artist in Residence Lenard Pacquette Jackson, Joel Klingler, Troy Lindstrom, Kathleen Angelski, Oro Barton, Douglas Freer, Darren Ditto, John Makowsky and other artists who join in at Open Make every Thursday. Ask front desk staff what you can play with and have some fun.

Featured artwork: Work in Progress: John Makowsky, Possessions, 2015. Laser cut MDF and 3D Printing.

May 7 — June 7
7:30 pm (741h 30′)

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