New Age Warriors and Recent Works

Main Gallery – April 28th to July 9th, 2023

Catherine Blackburn

Catherine Blackburn: New Age Warriors
Curated by Jesse Campbell
Organized by Mann Art Gallery
Circulated by Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library

Catherine Blackburn merges contemporary concepts with elements of traditional Dene culture that create dialogue between traditional art forms and new interpretations of them. She uses a variety of techniques and processes including video and photography but maintains a strong focus on beadworking. This exhibition combines selections of recent work including Unsettle, and New Age WarriorsUnsettle is a video-centred suite of artworks which explores settler impact. New Age Warriors, rooted in photography, clothing design and beading, imagines “a future filled with strong Indigenous women in protective armour battling stereotypes and facing colonialism by channeling the power of love”. Longlisted for the Sobey Art Award and featured in Vogue online magazine Blackburn’s practice resonates with both the art and fashion worlds as she asserts her voice as a New Age Warrior, sage, empowered and using her work to heal the wounds of colonialism.

Featured image: Catherine Blackburn. The Churchill Challenger, 2018. Plastic beads, plastic lace, nylon. Image credit: Tenille Campbell.

April 28 — July 9
10:00 am (1735h)

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