North: An exhibition for the 2015 Canada Winter Games

Canfor Gallery – February 12th – April 26th, 2015

Anna-Maria Lawrie, Annerose Georgeson, Azucena Rudland, Betty Kovacic, Bill Horne, Caroline Anders, Crystalynn Tarr, Desiree deRuiter, Elmer Gunderson, Frances Gobbi, Jennifer Pighin, Judy Hilgemann, Kim Stewart, Mary Mottishaw, Perry Rath, Susan Barton-Tait, Victora, Edgarr, Roderick Brown and Saul Miller

Two Rivers Gallery is partnering with the 2015 Canada Winter Games to Host North on the occasion of the Canada Winter Games. North is an exhibition featuring work in a range of media from across BC that explores the title theme. With particular focus on ideas such as youth, sport, community and culture—pillars of the Canada Games, Two Rivers Gallery is excited to welcome work by artists from across the province to create a compelling showcase that explores what the North means to us.

Featured artwork: Crystalynn Tarr, Stories in the Snow II, 2014. Hand processed watercolour and ink.

February 12 — April 26
7:30 pm (36813h 30′)

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