PLACE – A Nomadic Gallery in British Columbia

Rustad Galleria – August 6th to September 20th, 2020

Ghislain Brown-Kossi, Florence Debeugny, Johanne Galipeau, Marc Patrick Lacaille

Curated by France Trépanier

PLACE is a travelling exhibition of work by a group of  Francophone visual artists based in British Columbia.  The artists were invited to consider the idea of place, and related themes such as displacement, belonging, and making space. PLACE addresses issues of identity and one’s relationship to territory. The theme also highlights certain aspects of the reality and challenges of being a Francophone artist in a minority language environment.

The idea of a Nomadic Gallery grew out of the need to create professional exhibition opportunities for Francophone visual artists in British Columbia. The province does not have a professional infrastructure dedicated to Francophone visual arts in terms of training, production, and dissemination. As such, the Nomadic Gallery uses existing structures, working primarily in English-speaking communities, until a French-speaking professional gallery can be built.

In the spirit of building community, and connecting Francophone artists with one another, this exhibition includes work by Marc Patrick Lacaille, a Francophone visual artist based in Prince George, BC.

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PLACE is a curatorial project of the Nomadic Gallery initiative presented by the BC Francophone Cultural and Artistic Council (CCAFCB) and in part financially supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council.

Featured Artwork: Johanne Galipeau, Above the Cloud, 2019. Acrylic on wood panel.


August 6 — September 20
5:00 pm (1080h 30′)

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