Post Wild BC: Animals in the Anthropocene

Rustad Galleria – May 12th to July 24th, 2016

Roderick Brown

Roderick Brown, an artist based in Terrace, British Columbia, is best known for his intricate woodcarvings of animals. Brown’s interest in the natural world influences much of his artistic practice and has brought him to consider such notions as the Anthropocene. Over recent years, the term “Anthropocene” has been used by many scientists to describe Earth’s most recent geological epoch; named for the unprecedented degree to which human beings have gained influence over the planet and the animals that inhabit it.

With a focus on British Columbia wildlife, Brown has created sculptures of bear, caribou, wolf and salmon, which have been arranged, segmented and manipulated in order to allude to the Anthropocene era. This exhibition invites viewers to consider the hierarchy of power among Earth’s species, and what it means for humans to occupy the top position.

May 12 — July 24
7:30 pm (1749h 30′)

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