Reflection son Identity though the Permanent Collection

Canfor Gallery – July 21st to October 8th, 2017

Various Artists

Identity is a theme that runs through many exhibitions in 2017. With this exhibition, Two Rivers Gallery looks at the permanent collection through the same lens in order to provoke thought and discussion. Identity is a complex consideration comprised of many influential factors. Drawing an exhibition from a small collection of 400 artworks poses challenges in terms of the limited stories and experiences represented. As we planned this exhibition we sought to focus on artwork that marked key factors that influenced identity: language, culture, place, history and body – acknowledging that these factors are dynamic, drawing from and informing each other.

Featured artwork: Edith McLorn, Hello, My Name is Edith, Acrylic on canvas.

July 21 — October 8
7:30 pm (1893h 30′)

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