Reflections: A Meditation on 35 Years of Collecting

Canfor Gallery – October 22nd, 2021 to January 2nd, 2022

Two Rivers Gallery started collecting artwork as the Prince George Art Gallery in 1986. Hampered by a building with poor storage, it wasn’t until the completion of Two Rivers Gallery in 2000 that we were able to properly support a collection. Since then, generous collectors have gifted work to the gallery and we have purchased a number of artworks too. The majority of the 444 objects in our collection, however, represent gifts from exhibiting artists. For this reason, the collection forms an interesting picture of the conversation with contemporary art we have hosted within our community. In 2021, the fiftieth anniversary of the Gallery, we reflect upon that conversation – the voices it has amplified and the voices it has excluded – as we consider the path ahead.

Featured artwork: Adad Hannah. Virginia Hall, 2014. Mixed media installation.

October 22 — January 2
5:00 pm (1728h)

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