Story Tellers

Rustad Galleria – October 29th to November 29th, 2015

Andrea S. Fredeen

The human body is capable of many ways of expressing emotion, of making a point; much can be read as a story from the look on someone’s face or the posture they hold. Hands in particular are capable of saying much. Every callus and blister, tendon and joint, marks an individual’s own particular story. Having been a physiotherapist for many years, Andrea Fredeen has a long-standing fascination with the human body and how it moves. Fredeen particularly finds hands of interest, with the contrast that exists between their structure and that of the rest of the body. People tell many stories with their hands, and it is these that Fredeen seeks to represent on canvas.

Featured artwork: Andrea Fredeen, Forest Ashes, 2014. Oil on canvas.

October 29 — November 29
7:30 pm (741h 30′)

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