The Chamber

Canfor Gallery – July 22nd to October 9th, 2016

Ian Johnston

Ian Johnston, an artist from Nelson, BC, is interested in the disconnect between the choices we make when we consume and the unknown consequences of those actions. He draws attention to this by focusing on the short-lived ubiquitous and common objects found in the waste stream. The Chamber is a sculptural installation that provides a focal point for thinking on this matter. Using an enormous shroud containing all manner of consumer detritus, The Chamber evokes the idea of a shopping bag turned organism. It expands and contracts, alternately concealing and revealing its contents, threatening in turn to consume the space that contains it.

Featured artwork: Ian Johnston, Between the Lines (light) detail, 2010. Stoneware. 10′ x 10′ x 2.’ Image: Hagemeier Foto

July 22 — October 9
7:30 pm (1893h 30′)

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