Travelling Exhibition – October 18th to February 9th, 2020

Kristy Auger, Keith Kerrigan, Lynette La Fontaine, & Angelique Merasty Levac

The exhibition will tour between the months of August and November, travelling to Valemount, Mackenzie and McBride.

Trajectories features artwork by four Indigenous artists: Kristy Auger, Keith Kerrigan, Lynette La Fontaine, and Angelique Merasty Levac. A trajectory is understood to be the path followed by an object or a person possessing momentum. To extend this idea, we can argue that each artistic process has its own dynamic range and follows a specific path. This exhibition was motivated by the desire to explore the artistic practices of these four artists. Auger uses beading as a way to highlight ideas and values portrayed through her artwork. By adding her grandmother’s beaded floral designs to woodcut prints on paper, Auger carries forward her Plains Cree culture and family history. Kerrigan creates singular contemporary jewelry inspired by Haida design learned from his family, Haida tales, and the stories of his clients. In this way, his work functions as a meeting point for all three sources of ideas. For otipemisiwak artist, La Fontaine, beading is a means to nurture Métis heritage. Her works in this exhibition act as a tribute to a beloved family member and to the process of building a  birchbark canoe. Merasty Levac, a Cree artist, creates kaleidoscopic designs on bark using her teeth. As one of few people to practice birch bark biting, with Merasty Levac there lies potential for this art form to be shared with future generations.

VALEMOUNT MUSEUM 1090 Main Street · Valemount

August 1 – September 1 · 2019

NOTABLE EXPRESSIONS 86 Centennial Drive · Mackenzie

September 12 – October 13 · 2019

VALLEY MUSEUM & ARCHIVES 241 Dominion Street · McBride

October 24 – November 24 · 2019

UNBC Rotunda Prince George

January 4 – February 9 · 2020

Featured Artwork: Angelique Merasty Levac, Flying Home, 2019. Birch bark.

October 18 — February 9
7:30 pm (2733h 30′)

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