Unapologetic – Romantic Notions of a Modern Woman

Canfor Gallery – July 30th to October 11th, 2015

Sara Robichaud

Nanaimo artist Sara Robichaud’s large scale acrylic paintings reveal a remarkable sensitivity to her medium as she uses her artwork to process her experience of the world around her. Though Robichaud’s work is abstract, a loose narrative often emerges amongst the play of colour fields, space and pattern. Often very personal, her work deals with the corporeal, using organic forms that evoke bones and organs, which speak broadly to aspects of our shared humanity. She explores her experience of being a new mother, expanding the reach of her enquiry to consider the historic role of women in general. Incorporating the imprint of vintage lace as well as those of objects drawn from her own domain, she juxtaposes forms through which we can compare a changed world.

Featured artwork: Sara Robichaud, Interference Violet. 2011. Acrylic on Canvas.

July 30 — October 11
7:30 pm (1749h 30′)

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