Wandering the Edge of the World Digital Exhibition

Digital Exhibition

Corey Hardeman

Wandering the Edge of the World is an exhibition of paintings by visual artist Corey Hardeman. Her work is influenced by her training as a biologist, and she positions her work as an examination of her place among living things. Tangles of tree branches, flowers, and pools of water, are all depicted in close proximity so that the viewer feels immersed in the subject matter. This way of painting communicates Hardeman’s fascination with and concern for the natural environment. Wandering the Edge of the World, is an exhibition that draws focus to nature’s small details, and the seemingly ordinary, affirming that none of it can be taken for granted.

Wandering the Edge of the World is Two Rivers Gallery’s Outreach Exhibition, developed to be shared within the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

Click here to view this digital exhibition.

Want to see the exhibition in person? Here’s when and where you can find it:

  • August 13th – September 13th – Mackenzie Community Arts Center (Mackenzie, BC)
  • September 24th – October 18th – Valley Museum (McBride, BC)
  • October 29th – November 29th – Two Rivers Gallery, Rustad Galleria

August 13 — January 1
5:00 pm (12127h)

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