Rustad Galleria – May 6th to June 19th, 2022

Mercedes Minck

Wobbly is a love letter to imperfection. From plants sprouting timidly from the ground to the tentative buds of a tree in spring, Mercedes Minck uses both her subject matter and her artistic approach to show her audience that there is something extraordinary to be found in these raw, unpolished moments.

While Minck is constantly exploring new media, her artistry is represented in this exhibition as paintings and textile art. Their different processes are united through the graphic quality that results from her formal education in digital art. By marrying hard edges and stark contrast with unsteady brush strokes and visible stitches, Minck creates artwork that is a balance of refined and organic. Through manipulating the scale of her subject matter, she asks whether the little things might just be the big things after all.

Mercedes Minck is a Prince George-based multidisciplinary artist and designer fascinated with the wilderness around her. Her work celebrates the flora and fauna she encounters, which she harvests for creative material and inspiration.

Featured artwork: Mercedes Minck. The Egg, 2022.

May 6 — June 19
10:00 am (1063h)

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