Rustad Galleria – July 28th to September 11th, 2016

Frances Gobbi & Maja Swannie Jacob

Wonderland is an exhibition of recent photographs by Frances Gobbi and Maja Swannie-Jacob. Each artist created her work independent of the other, but both works share a common desire to convey the sense of awe one experiences in the presence of the natural world. Swannie Jacob’s photographs accomplish this by picturing young children as they explore rivers, mountains and frozen lakes. Gobbi documents Playmobil toys immersed in real-world outdoor activities like mountain biking, camping and going to the beach. Swannie-Jacob’s curious and awe-inspiring photographs along with Gobbi’s playful and joyous ones, invite us to rediscover the wonder of the natural world with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Featured artwork:

July 28 — September 11
7:30 pm (1077h 30′)

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